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"Sasuke is Happy.
Naruto is Happy.
Sakura is Happy.
Everbody is Happy
I can die in piece. (From a hardcore, dedicated, and true Naruto fan) "

I've been watching and reading Naruto for a decade (10 straight years) and I am both happy and sad that it is over. Naruto has taught me a lot of valuable lessons and I don't think that I would be the same today without it. I know you may think that is a lie, but when I was in middle school and elementary school I saw Naruto-Kun as a role model, and the show taught me a lot of valuable life lessons.

So what are some things that I loved.

- Sasuke touching Sakura's forehead. The Itachi poke lives on!!!!
- Naruto's parenting haha, he is so compassionate and so loving.
- Naruto and Hinata's kids. There so SO ADORABLE I WANT THEM FOR MYSELF!!
- Kakashi and Might Guy are old geezers haha
-I love how Naruto gives Sasuke the headband ;) NaruSasu forever!! <3
-I love the children and there varietised personality's!
-Everything else.

Specific things that I didn't like...

-Sooooo....Did Sasuke leave the leafvillage. Come back. Then fuck Sakura and leave again?
- Sasuke and Sakura's daughter looks....unappealing; and what's with her name? SALAD!!!????
- Sasuke doesn't look like Sasuke anymore. Like who is he? FUCKING SNAPE FROM HARRY POTTER??!!

So overall....Thank you Masashi Kishimoto for the amazing story and characters!! I will never forget Naruto and everything the show has done for me over these 15 years.

Naruto Jiraya Minato Sasuke by naruto17100

Naruto 551- TRI-ATTACK by NarutoPants

Naruto 673 - Sasuke's Rinnegan by NarutoPants

Naruto 670 - The Floating Elder by NarutoPants
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thank you very much for the watch <3 
it means a lot to me (●´ω`●)
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